A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A game about hardships, healing, and the passage of time.

Chiccolo is an upcoming 2D puzzle platformer with a unique twist: the ability to hinder time.  Using your  newfound powers, traverse the hauntingly beautiful wilderness on a journey to reach the mountaintops. But be warned...there is something else seeking the power you possess. Solve puzzles, discover secrets, and evade the shadow that lurks in the night.

What started as a simple exploration of Unity's animation system quickly expanded into the fully realized experience Chiccolo stands as today. This project has been developed solely within my spare time, and I plan to continue development whenever I can up to the game's final release. My hope is to deliver an experience with not only engaging gameplay, but also a story-rich world for players to explore.

Follow @ChiccoloGame for news and updates on the game's development!

Cover art by the incredible Michelle Olson.


Chiccolo Demo - Windows 32 v1.1.zip 70 MB
Chiccolo Demo - Windows 64 v1.1.zip 73 MB
Chiccolo Demo - Mac v1.1.zip 73 MB

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Fun so far! Excited to see where it goes


pop off kyle

Hey wait a second, it's already May 15